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Waterworks Wildpark

A vatec evacuation system for siphon pipes and several centrifugal pumps has been operating without any disturbance in the Waterworks Wildpark in Potsdam for over 12 years. The station for crude water extraction got siphon pipes with a capacity of 650m³/h.

Via two siphon pipes with 8 and 15 connected wells the water for the station is provided by using a very small amount of energy. During first evacuation the siphon pipes are level controlled evacuated at the highest points of the pipes located at the outtake well until the siphon is running. Air which enters the system by gassing of the water and leakages of the piping system is evacuated during operation. As the evacuation during operation is controlled and evaluated by the PLC based control unit the condition and efficiency of the siphon pipes can be judged separately.

The crude water from the outtake well is pumped by normal suction centrifugal pumps which for evacuation are equipped with level controlled gas discharge valves on their suction pipes connected to the centralized vacuum unit as well.

Via a second independent vacuum system for evacuation of three connected centrifugal pumps, sucking from a different tank, the public drinking water network is feeded.

The vacuum units are working with special designed vatec liquid ring vacuum pumps mounted on pressure controlled central vacuum units type TDV.

The individual evacuation of the siphon pipes and centrifugal pumps is realized by level controlled gas discharge valves type SHE and GLA.

The centralized vacuum unit is controlled by a control cabinet which is equipped with PLC components. New units got the possibility to send all signals via a bus system to the main control.



The vatec vacuum system is working with a very low rate of maintenance during the total period of operation.

Commissioned by the operating company our qualified employees are checking the unit in a period of 1 to 2 years.