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Evacuation of siphon pipes for sewage water in Berlin

The evacuation of the connected siphon pipes is effected by a mobile vacuum unit which is realized as a modular system.

The main item is a vacuum aggregate including two liquid ring vacuum pumps, a suction manifold and a control unit for automatic, level controlled operation of the siphon evacuation. The vacuum aggregate is mounted in a container to be transportable.

Level controlled gas discharge valves including electrical shut off armatures are installed on the highest points of the siphon pipes. The gas discharge valves are special designed for sewage water and outdoor installation.

The connection of the suction side of the vacuum aggregate and the gas discharge valves is realized by flexible hose lines and quick couples.

The gas discharge valves and the control unit are connected by a control cable with plug-in connections.

The control unit identifies automatically the number of connected gas discharge valves. The standard unit is able to handle up to three gas discharge valves to control each high point of the siphon pipe independently. The equipment can easily be extended.

Operation and fault indication is transferred to mobile telephones by Tele-Service.

The total equipment is robust, reliable and designed for a simple and quick assembling. Therefore these units are flexible in its application e.g. for mobile siphon pipes for the reconstruction of sewers.